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How to stack earrings

Style Guide: How to Create the Perfect Earring Stack

There’s nothing we love more than accessorising our ears with our favourite earrings. But why do we love the beloved earring so much? Whether we have our hair up or down or none at all, our ears are always on show. Wearing a pair (or several pairs) of earrings adds allure to the face whilst also being used as a symbol of expression and personal style. That’s why the earring stack is a timeless trend that is here to stay. 

Read on to discover our top tips on how to create the perfect earring stack. 

1. The Simple Stack

Simple Earring Stack

For a casual, simple stack choose small studs and dainty hoops or drops. Start with your largest earring and decrease in size as you stack upwards. Opt for clean, simple designs to compliment your everyday style. 

2. The Crawler Stack

Crawler Earring Stack

Perfect for those with only 1 ear piecing, the earring crawler effortlessly portrays the multiple piercing effect. Choose designs like this celestial inspired crawler earring that features multiple CZ stones to achieve the stylish stacked look. 

3. The Subtle Statement Stack

The Statement Earring Stack

Rock the subtle statement stack by upping your dainty hoop game. Choose hoops with added textures and character such as spiked, twisted or hammered hoops and create your own unique stack. The extra details perfectly create a subtle statement look that’s ideal for those looking for something with a bit more edge. 

4. The Ultimate Earring Stack

For the ultimate stack choose big hoops, sparkling drops and decorative studs. Create a cohesive look by choosing earrings with the same colour and style or build a standout statement look by mixing metals and designs. Whatever you choose, more is more when it comes to creating the ultimate earring ensemble. 

Looking to create your own stack? there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Whether you have a single ear piercing or multiple piercings, you can create a stack that’s perfect for you and your ears. 


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