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OCEANA Summer Campaign - Behind the scenes

OCEANA Summer Campaign – Behind the Scenes

Inspired by the shapes, textures and movement of the ocean, our latest collection, OCEANA, is full of nautical treasures perfect for those warm summer days. And what better location to shoot the ocean themed OCEANA Summer campaign than the glorious beach. Located in the coastal town of Tynemouth, Longsands beach offers soft sand, a flat landscape, rock pools and an old outdoor swimming pool. Providing the team a perfect mixture of colours and backgrounds to work with. 

Join us as we go behind the scenes at this fun-filled photoshoot.

Location 1. Old Swimming Pool

The first location of the day saw models Chisanga and Gigi showcasing a selection of OCEANA jewellery at the old swimming pool. The rustic textures perfectly complimented the pastel coloured outfits whilst also providing a alternative beach-vibes look and feel. 

Oceana Summer Campaign - Behind the Scenes

Location 2. The Beach

Next, the team packed up their belongings and kit and took a casual 2 minute walk from the old swimming pool to the warm sandy beach for a picnic setup. With all the pastries and fresh fruit for props, Chisanga and Gigi sat down for an afternoon of sunbathing, snacks and chats. 

Oceana Summer Campaign - Behind the Scenes
Oceana Summer Campaign - Behind the Scenes
Oceana Summer Campaign - Behind the Scenes

By the end of the day, the sun-kissed team had a large selection of photographs, videos, polaroid’s and memories to take away with them and an OCEANA Summer campaign to be proud of. 


Models: Chisanga Mwila & Gigi Barber

Photographer : Curtis Rowlands

Photographer Assistant: Heather Ainsworth

Hair Stylish: Lucy Matthews

Stylist: Jo Levy

Assistant Stylist: Lou Barber

Makeup Artist: Jo Leversuch

Campaign Manager : Sarah–Jayne Taylorson

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