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How to Wear Layered Necklaces

5 Ways To Wear Layered Necklaces

Ever wondered how to wear layered necklaces? The latest jewellery trend that has been taking over our Instagram and Pinterest feeds is around to stay. Whether you layer with 2 or more necklaces or choose a lariat style chain for a super quick layered look, this must try jewellery trend is sure to make you feel like an accessorised goddess. 

Learn 5 easy ways to wear layered necklaces.

1. Choose varying chain lengths

To achieve the layering style, choose varying chain lengths. Start off with a choker chain and increase the necklace length with each additional necklace. For a minimalistic layered look choose 2 necklaces and for a statement layered look choose 3 or more. 

2. Mix and match metals

For an ultra-modern look, mix up your layers with different metals and colours. Pile on your personal gold, silver and pearl jewellery and wear all your favourite items at once. To achieve a nice balance, mix the metals and colours evenly throughout for a cohesive look.

3. Shake it up with different chain styles

If you’re not mixing weights and textures, then you’re really missing a trick. Show off your individual personality and style by mixing it up with different chain and necklace styles. Opt for dainty necklaces and chunky pendant chains with a cosy jumper for a casual style. 

4. Use a coin pendant necklace as your base

New to layering? Use a coin based pendant necklace as your starting point and build your layers from there. The statement made design of a gold coin provides a stylish focal point making it easy for beginners to work around. 

5. More is more

Take things to the next level by wearing as many necklaces as you’d like. Layer up your chokers as well as your longer chains or choose a lariat style necklace for an easy triple layered look. Up your formal wear game and wear your multiple necklaces with a silk shirt for a sleek evening style.

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